“Let me teach thee… “


What sayeth a man’s soul to its own gain
if it has naught but wander’d to sequester’d spot…
a spot be told to trainest the obdurate, open
thee thou mind and heart, thy deaf ears to plot
within plot, dismount the detestable guile
of said intellect, findest in thine hands no sport…
let me teach thee of mercy’s spirit tried and true!


Secure thou thine treasures all if they exist
here, allow no rumors to fealty or doubt to burst,
pardon thy servants according to thy beliefs and
double same efforts for your Brother, this be trust,
lest nobler things fain another’s eyes to heart…
salute no treachery as gold or be led by death’s curst…
let me teach thee of mercy’s spirit tried and true!


Divine nothing! Cherish love for love’s sake and
seekest thee no labor’d folly, know thee thine worth,
be naught a knave of conceit… an expositor of jest
to tempt such rationale, truant of deception couth,
parry not with words to mask intent, be thine own
person with merit, worthy a heart worn old in growth…
let me teach thee of mercy’s spirit tried and true!


obdurate… stubbornly refusing to change one’s mind or course of actions taken.

fain… compelled by circumstances; obliged to proceed.

divine… to discover by guesswork or intuition, to forecast the future.

couth… to be known, not unknown.


“Pray thee tell… “©

Pray for strength in the battle ahead, don’t be confused about the goal strived for… and remain true to your convictions.

Be not at odds with thy morning or pine lost

favours as though owed a thing at daybreak,

whence arisen the actions tugg’d by sure fortune

comest to particular addition¹ and heartache,

pray thee tell of all foisin² and to thine hand hath

God withheld? Pray here-approach abundance,

hence thine near’st of life³ proceed and gain truest

barefaced power, me thinketh more than chance

to hold, be not distemper’d or think stranger is

beyond these clouds of doubt any goodness linger,

havest thou clarity of mind naught to infirm thy

vestiges or want to stand claim, folly by sure ringer,

fear naught a path ahead, no short green grass

or shallow plot, set no censures⁴ to steal happiness,

findest thou royal preparation makes for a joyful heart

overtopping⁵ woe amidst thunderous gratefulness.

1… distinguishing name

2… plenty

3… your vital parts

4… let our opinions await the outcome

5… To check for excessive ambition

This piece of writing will be embellished on at my ‘Christian Blog’ found here. Here it will remain as it is… with meaning(s) for the words used in the time frame of William Shakespeare.

Keep within you the heart of a knight, the mind of a servant and and the hand of friendship… to all that will accept it!

“Whom then the meiny?”©

Thus, slightly restrained, this contempt for mankind

evokes sweet penury¹ upon the lot of pelting² masses,

watch’d and wait’d for this date… this time to reveal said

netherstocks³ perceived by the underclass’s trespasses,

there no footing’ held firm, none to ponder left felt

in loin or leg stood upon, therein suffers not shame,

whom then the meiny wearin’ the very means… this

skin of deceit… their hoary breath frosts us by name,

those so close to being inform’d they’d wear their own

sought after gains before they stand headier and tall,

it is them so striving as a dog to a bone… lost, doth still’d

neglect leads us not to ourselves seen so very small.

Can we still not figure out this last movement in the play on and of our lives… being molly coddled does none of us any damn good. So play your card, the one reading ‘I’m so offended’ and pretend you feel nothing wrong with the times we face (together). Let it not be said… I never knew, and no one ever told me quite this way!

[The definitions below are provided by the editing of Charles W Eliot, L.L.D., from the works of Shakespeare, with Harvard Classics. The link to one is but a reference to another view and meaning to draw from common things of the period.]

1)… extreme poverty

2)… petty

3)… curses

4)… advisers, assistants or others with an important person

5)… More impetuous

“Estrella War XXXI, Queen Creek, AZ., 2015… Part II- Writing during event”©

“Keepest thou free… fail thee not”©

Fail thee not… not the age of reason found lest

childhood rear its ugly head to tantrum’s fit,

fail thee not… not the learned to know societies

loss, whence led to failure’s folly, without pain,

fail thee not… not sought to wonder one’s purpose

without considering the weather, coming rain,

fail thee not… not to see true beauty whence found

and loyalty measured, valor doth mean more to few,

fail thee not… bestow acknowledging compensation

due a royal lest they become a pain in arse to be,

fail thee not… control what thou canst, mind what

thou cannot, and remember family keepest thou free,

fail thee not… not to underestimate an opponent in

open combat or risk loss to limb or life so dear,

fail thee not… not to know the difference of said

pleasure sought, layeth not concern for vixen’s tool,

fail thee not… fail not to feed the mind, body and

soul- thoughts new, belly fed and spirit full.

A view to combat

A view to combat

“Company can be found”©

Lost souls meander ’til picked up by wolf or lamb,

another doth there be… company can be found,

whence camest thou sure story to glory in thine

own; therein headed to the ground… to the ground.

Said once and heard naught, sorrow felt as pity

in City-State or Country Fair… fair none lament,

brought it upon thine own self… ‘To thine own self

be true’, seekest the profit to cost of life as spent,

vanity lies in shallow grave… noble in a crypt,

thy duty lies to life so full, endowed as thou gavest,

pretense the Harlequin on checkered floor… smile

the more to misguide those you save, those you savest.

A morning stretch to please any onlookers.

A morning stretch to attract… or to please any onlookers.

“Seasons bring a leaf to fall”©

Restless felt, be thou ‘twitchy’… naught left to breeze,

peril to thy purposed actions creates one such unease,

lost in a melaise of busy… of doing things harbors change

and dost plague thee of marvel whence known to rearrange,

what path… what trail followed sets us to our motion…

the echos past, if envy sought, steals thine own devotion,

twirling’ in the change of wind hence turning season…

fall to spring, the cycles ring to life and true reason,

grow toward growth and stay steady thy feet to path,

time doth soften loss but sorrows held grown to wrath…

seek renewed passion once known well and fondly,

speaketh well and tarry not for heart and soul beg kindly.

A leaf of brass.

A leaf of brass.

“Whence but tears fall on all the sand thou touchest”©

It is our village and to keep it clean a must…

this so pure in thought as for a neighbor, trust,

without said motive seen… even behavior known,

no human end justifies the means we’ve been shown.

If not a village then what? A stepping stone to life…

whose life is spared whence foretold of such strife?

This is where sorrow builds up or breaks us down…

to envision life in rags or embellished with finest gown,

keep thou thy promise of peace or be known unseen…

n’er to be trusted whence found lies doth thou mean,

peace left to and for thy own ways is pure deceit,

no angel told thee to kill another to be complete…

completely insane to deny another life to cherish,

deception comes full circle for some doth perish,

it is our village… either knowest thou love or naught,

if naught then seen thy must… thou wert n’er taught.

Warring with each other is the lesson learned... so much for peace!

Warring with each other is the lesson learned… so much for peace!

“Estrella War XXXI, Queen Creek, AZ., 2015… Part I- Vendors of note”

Estrella Wars was on again, and even the Renaissance crowd recognizes… armies don’t fight without food and mornings start better wit COFFEE. Here are some vendors… and I’ll add more later (with time permitting).

Gypsy Java (The source)

Gypsy Java (The source)

Owner (Barista with a smile)

Owner (Barista with a smile)

Barista and Son

Barista and Son

An image to motive any morning

An image to motive any morning

Vendor Information... sweet people to get your morning fix from!

Vendor Information… sweet people to get your morning fix from!

More to come when time permits…

Here are but a few pictures that were taken at ‘Estrella Wars XXX’

Set thy sights on these, pray tell… thinketh and share.

A vendor of pottery, Chris Sowers, with Cactus Fire Pottery

A vendor of pottery, Chris Sowers, with Cactus Fire Pottery


Estrella Wars XXX, 2




Estrella Wars XXX, 5

Camp blessing before battle

Camp blessing before battle


Estrella Wars XXX, 9

the Trebuchet

the Trebuchet


Camped here, Windale Corner

Camped here, Windale Corner


More combat... one on one

More combat… one on one


A crowd of onlookers

A crowd of onlookers


The red dress

The red dress


This is a picture of a photographer after he finished a shot

This is a picture of a photographer after he finished a shot


The girl with the octopus tattoo

The girl with the octopus tattoo


Call it 'heavy metal'

Call it ‘heavy metal’


Royal once over

Royal once over


Terrien the Goth

Terrien the Goth


A little something any girl might want to wear

A little something any girl might want to wear


It's a pottery thing, OK?

It’s a pottery thing, OK?


The other pottery vendor I liked

The other pottery vendor I liked

This is the vendor for the belly dancing clothing

This is the vendor for the belly dancing clothing





“Tend ye the bore of hope”©

Pluck thine envy from amongst thy sum of parts…

lest thou fall prey to demon spawn with carts,

carried beyond destination sought to suffer blame…

darkness within you to rule and ruin thy name,

devise it so to be more noble hearted by chance…

set for coming rains and mete¹ prepared perchance,

tend the bore² of hope… of love and tarry not…

sally forth to honor, herb’d of grace as sought,

alack, to choose to weep for pillows of the grave…

carest naught for thine own, all things else to save,

penury³ lasts but to season, lose not its memory scorn…

leaner days show us spoil’d, cloth now worn and torn,

heavy thine own heart to bear appear’d quite so plain…

so like the sheeted dead to tell us of their pain,

held to long benighted to be seen or heard no more…

revenge no pride be host’d, toss’d to score of chore,

find fairer days to favor warmth so kind by way…

warned of fardelsweight and plight to labour’s say.

1… measure out, allotted

2… the caliber, strength

3… extreme poverty, being destitute

4… labours